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Thread: Bottle For sale

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    Bottle For sale

    Looks pretty tidy to an untrained Bottle eye


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    Wouldn't mind snuggling up to that on a cold night...

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    It is quite original, all of the '74 bits and idiosyncrasies are there as best as I can tell:

    Saddles on front mudguard stays,
    Pinned brake caliper banjos,
    'Suzuki GT750' on rear of seat,
    Square slots on front discs,
    Cross-overs on header pipes,
    Correct indicator slider on left switchblock.

    It's missing a few items though:

    Chrome covers over radiator hose clamps,
    Rubber boot for oil pump rod,
    Cable guide for clutch cable at edge of RH carb,
    Taillight is entirely wrong.

    It is in need of a little TLC - a lot of surface rust and general wear and tear noticeable on the old girl.

    And pity it's an American import...
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    The guy selling this imported a container load of shit bikes from the USA and is trying to get top dollar for junk. Yes the 750 is a nice bike but there are better than this for less. This ones been for sale or a while. He is also selling a guzzi ambassador for too much and a 750 k something honda.
    Gone riding!

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