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    Well - Lakeside is round the corner from me and there is a Classic Bike Track day first Thursday every month.
    It's amazing that it is held every month. It is but an empty dream in Japan. Demand for motorcycles increased slightly because of commuting under the circumstances of the COVID-19, although Japan is still in the motorcycle ice age. I rarely see the new Katana too.

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    This bike shop held a total of 12 training camp-style racing schools at Lakeside_International_Raceway in Australia for Japanese in the 90's. The school name was "Poleposition racing school", and the instructors included Scott Doohan and Daryl Beattie.

    Several SXZs equipped with BS34SS and the tubular swing arm have been confirmed in Japan. These SXZs were not sold at pole position. Have you ever seen such SXZs in South Africa?
    I have seen two. Very rare beasts
    There is my opinion and then there is wrong!

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    I have seen two. Very rare beasts
    SXZs equipped with BS34SS are not included in the so-called 25 units, are they? Their frame number also starts with 1. What was their raison d'etre?

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