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Thread: NZ Pop Up

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    NZ Pop Up

    Hey guys

    I purchased an abused pop up Kat about a year ago sight unseen (yep mistake) and have been doing bits and pieces to it since then. Ive been posting in the Aus Kat owners and the Pop Up group but came here to look for info to make a headlight module.

    I don't really have any recent photos of my bike but i'll attach something.
    Its blue with a black frame and fairly trashed engine, typical damage from being raced and abused.

    -Hel clutch hose
    -New cycleworks 4 into 1
    -New OEM fuel tap and fuel cap
    -New accelerator cable
    -Reproduction black plate
    -Replaced clutch sleeve, hub nut and washers
    -New starter clutch rollers and gasket
    -Replacement front screen
    -Replacement tail and dash plastic
    -Second hand r/side plastic to replace trashed
    -Carbs stripped and cleaned. Replace float valves
    -Replacement headlight cover and dash plastic to replace those pictured

    Photos on the auction site.

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    Welcome Tofu. Sorry, I can't help you but there are plenty here that will be able to help. That bike of yours has lots of potential and will look great when you're done.

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    Welcome aboard! Big thing with the pop ups is as long as the fuel tank is solid you should be good to go. They're the hard bits to replace if they're rusted or dented beyond repair I believe.
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Welcome Brendan,

    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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    Hi and welcome
    Preservation over restoration - they are only original once

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    Thanks for the welcoming replies! Darkside has pointed me in the right direction for the headlight bits. I cant believe I didn't know about this forum previously. I post on the forum as well.
    Forgot to mention I have a wee 550 as well.

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    Welcome to the Kat House Tofu.
    You always meet a better class of people who ride and enjoy Motorcycling

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    Hey there,

    saw your Katana on trademe. I've got one here in Upper Hutt that I got in 2009 as a complete train wreck. It sat in the garage until about two years ago when I decided to do a resto project to recover from a rather nasty accident when I slammed my Tuono into the side of a pickup truck at speed and did some horrible things to myself.

    Long story short, two years and $6K later, I'm still not finished.

    I still need to do the following:
    - start on the engine - was dropped, stuff generator cover, have replacement that needs painting, as does all the gold parts on the engine, need to install new stator and rotor.
    - fairings are all primered, need some bog and reprimer then a full paint job. Have sticker set I bought off ebay.
    - chain and sprockets
    - new tyres
    - carbs cleaned and tuned

    so not too much more, considering I stripped the bike completely and have been rebuilding it piece by piece, with everything going back being as good as, if not new.

    Good to see another katana popup owner here. I was tempted to grab yours as a parts bike, but I've just spend what your bike would cost on buying NOS parts from Megazip and ebay.


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    hello , looking for a complete pop up headlamp assembly for a 1984 Katana GSX750 S3 any one has for sale , kindly inform

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