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    katana 750 carbs

    Has anyone fitted non CV (slide) carburetors to a Kat 750, possibly from an earlier Suzuki GS1000 etc or Muikini CR's, yes I know the standard are OK but I'm old school and the trouble with CV's is there's a lag and with slides it's more direct-smoothbores maybe?

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    Haven't done it myself (no longer have a 750) - but no issue with VM33 or RS34 or CR31/33 carbs - you will need push/pull throttle though. Easy to sort.

    A bloke that does classic Bike track days in Brisbane has fitted RS34's and bike runs very well.

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    Thanks Drillit, I have run CR's on a Honda CR750 I built, and FYI standard Kawasaki KLR250 throttle (complete with cables) is the GO for use with CR's

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    Are you sorting a second hand set or buying new from Mikuni up in Townsville?

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