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    Hi guys this is my 1st chat and am hoping that you can help me, I had a Katana 1100s back in 80s / 90s and due to a mid life crisis I have recently purchased another Katana for $12.500. Thing is it was advertised as a 1100s in Perth, as I am in Melbourne I bought it sight unseen and had it freighted to me. Now that I have it to my disappointment it is a GS1000, now I want to sell it as it is not my beloved 1100s. Dont no much about the 1000? can anyone shed some info should I keep it or sell it? From a sentimental point I have to have the 1100 but I hear that the 1000 was brought out for the race track and could be more of a rare bike? Do I go with my heart .. sell the 1000 and wait for a 1100 to appear or enjoy the 1000?

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    oooh wait one. is it actually a katana? if it's a katana 1000 it's pretty special
    put up the vin and engine numbers. a couple of guys on here can look them up for you

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    heh pity I can't edit my previous post. if it's a 1000 katana, do not be disappointed. i personally would keep it. but if it's not what you're after, when you advertise it as a 1000 you won't have any problems getting your money back. if you have your heart set on an 1100 then that's understandable, but i know a katana owner that wishes he'd bought the 1000 "back in the day" when he could have had it instead of his 1100.

    my own katana 1100 may end up as a 1500, with aftermarket bits etc... and it'll probably offend someone, but everyone on here knows it's you have to choose your own path.

    the 1000 model was pretty special from what i've been told. if it's in good condition, you've done well. do what you want, but if it was me, and if you want to go a little "overboard", i would not do it to that one.

    if i won the lotto, and if you said you just wanted someone to come and pick it up for what you paid for it, i'd be there straight away. as it stands though, i just bought an 1100 that needs some tlc, and my bank balance is wilting gotta finish this toy first

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    Hey Dozza welcome! Yeah what Pez said... if it's a 1000 Kat they're somewhat sought after and special, so you've not done yourself out of anything there. If an 1100 is your thing however, then by all accounts you should be able to get your money back then get your hands on an 1100.
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    What Carbies are on it? can you post some photos, this thing could be a Gem, a jewel of a kat ,what year is it.

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    Hi and welcome. As Pez suggested post the engine and frame number to identify exactly what you have. There is also can be a little confusion occasionally with Katana's imported from the US as the use the prefix "GS" and not "GSX"
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