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    Truely awesome Takahiro.
    Wish I could have been there, perhaps next year.

    I'd like to plan for 2021 but would need firm dates of anything official.

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    Hi Stuart,
    Suzuki's president has done just a verbal promise to hold Suzuki meeting next year again. So no official date has been decided yet. I will let you know when that date is announced.(when and where)

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    Great videos Takahiro.
    I was not expecting the train though haha.


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    Yes, even the name of the station became KATANA Station!

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    Yep that was pretty cool!
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shin-Ken 1074 View Post
    Hello Takahiro San, yes, the number of SBE produced in March 1987 was very low. "Officially" the SBE was a Katana manufactured for Seiwa Motors as a private order for export however, the 240 SBE Katana were not exported as "planned" and the 240 machines remained in Japan where they were sold as the only "full power" Katana 1100 sold in Japan up to that time. The SBE were built to the Australian GSX1100SE Katana specification for engine tune and power output rather than the detuned specification for JDM GSX1100SAE Katana engine of the time and used SE parts for construction. As well as the "Full Power" feature the SBE stands out from other Katana 1100 due to a paint scheme based on the SE however, the Gypsy Candy Red frame and completely red seat are unique to the SBE. It is the rarest of all Katana produced by Suzuki. Of the 240 made there are three confirmed genuine SBE in Australia, two are owned by members here on the Forum, very lucky members.

    Thanks for the info Glen.
    You always meet a better class of people who ride and enjoy Motorcycling

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    No worries Nick, anytime mate.

    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSX1100SXZ.JP View Post
    I think so too. It is recommended to eat eel in Hamamatsu.

    Attachment 7218
    Hi Takahiro,

    But I did have the tail end of typhoon 19 (hagabis) to give us an extra night in Hamamatsu, and some hotel vending machine drinks to while the time,


    I didn't have eel in Hamamatsu, but I did have it in Tokyo and I loved it.

    IMG_7348.JPG yumo !!
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    It was a pity that a powerful typhoon came during your stay. Have you been able to watch rugby? Hamamatsu is famous for its eel production. So I encouraged you to eat eel in Hamamatsu. You drank a lot. You seem to have eaten eels at a gyudon restaurant. That was an economic choice.

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    Yes we were very fortunate that that the typhoon did not stop our game Australia v Georgia, it was the last to be played for that day.
    IMG_6707.JPG At the game.
    IMG_6710.JPG And it rained.
    The extra day in Hamamatsu we did walk around in the wind and rain but most shops were shut except McDonalds other people who didn't have a hotel to stay at and didn't camp at the train station were holed up with their luggage there waiting.
    Most of the time we sat in the hotel lounge and drank and met a Japanese family from Tokyo down for the same game stuck in Hamamatasu.
    IMG_6745.JPG tracking its progress.
    IMG_6749.JPG quite graphic.
    IMG_6752.JPG The hotel lounge and that evil/saviour vending machine on the right.
    IMG_0865.JPG A room with a stormy view.
    IMG_0866.JPG Our new unfair weathered friends.
    Yes it was a gyudon shop, economic yes but more importantly it was non smoking at dinner time.
    I hope you were not affected by the typhoon we saw flooding and damage to areas.
    Cheers Andrew.

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