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    Old Guy from US with a 2018 GSX250R

    Hope I'm in the right spot. Old Guy here. I've ridden/owned bikes for over 45 years. Recently bought a GSX250R. I've searched other Suzuki Forums, and I appear to be the Red-Headed Stepchild. If that's the case here, send me on my way, I'll keep looking for a home.

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    Hi airhead, this is a site for owners of 1980s Suzuki katanas.There's a mix of Canadian South Africans Kiwi's and Aussies who apart from Kats own other bikes too so they're a good bunch of blokes and if you want to hang around for a laugh and join in I don't think anyone would mind, and if you decide to buy a Kat all the better.

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    I appreciate the reply and offer. Thanks

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    I certainly don't mind, I do like a good laugh and enjoy the sh1t stirring here, you might have the 'red haired step-child' but I'm ok with that, after-all, Pete went years without a kat and nobody minded that, so do join in on the fun Airhead, where do you call home and where do you ride?

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