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    I had better get my finger out and do the tacho test rig, software is easy, just give me a bit more time Paul.

    Have you measured if any voltage (AC or DC) on the WHITE/BLUE wire? also test voltage with respect to ground and then positive 12v or, 1 lead on the W/B and the other on ground then change the ground wire to +12v.

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    Have done the programming and test for testing the tacho, just need to find more time to get to your place again.

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    Cool, thanks mate.

    I may be looking to go down another path yet, unless I can figure an easy (cheap) way to create a coil-to-12V-pulse conversion device.

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    Ok Paul, I have already done an LCD speedo with odometer and trip meter that takes a pulse input, such as a magnet on the front wheel, not sure you'd want a common arse LCD but.....

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    cough prgrammable ignition cough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gammaboy View Post
    cough prgrammable ignition cough.
    Got one lying around you don't need anymore ?

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    Had one some time ago, never got around to fitting it, sold it off unused in the end - it was a wolf3D - completely unsupportable. I've got a Zeel for the VJ23/Mito...

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