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Thread: Katana shirts.

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    Do you have price for NZ sales. Like the first one size big beer belly 2XL or bigger

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    Hi Murray, I can find out postage and let you know. What colour would you like?

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    Hi Murray, it will be $11.55 aud but it comes without tracking. There is one with tracking for $18.55aud and the first tskes 7 days, second takes 5 days. Bit of a rip off, the postage.

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    Still interested - actually like the grey in the image. image1 Wife says Large for hers and I thinking couple of 2xl if possible. do you want credit card or can we do bank transfer??

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    Hi Murray, I will get payment later, will look into the paypal account. It is definitely 2xl you want. The picture is actually a navy blue shirt but they do a grey marle,not so sure in a grey shirt except maybe a v neck?
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    Navy blues fine. yep def 2XL even 3XL if you have it, like them loose. still 1 large size for wifey

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    Just keeping all who ordered informed. I hope I can get to do the shirts this weekend. Boss has been in the last couple,so machine was being used.
    Thank you.

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    All good my end Dave.
    Thanks for doing this.


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    Got my shirts today. They are bloody fantastic. Thanks Dave.

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    Got my shirts the other day Dave. There great. Mase's shirt fits fine and will grow into it over the summer nicely.
    Cheers for doing these shirts.


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