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Thread: Katana shirts.

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    Katana shirts.

    Some of you may not be on facebook so may not be aware that I am going to do some shirts and wanted to check here too if anyone is interested. There are two designs. the full outline will also have the logo on front. I will also be doing a couple of the pop up shirts as have orders for them as well. I can do grey,navy,white and black.
    Shirts are $20 each plus postage
    Postage is as follows up to 3 shirts is a 500g bag which is $8.55
    4 or 5 is a 1kg bag which is $11.55.
    I can do a kids one with the outline and there is a larger outline but not in the full print.

    20190419_203749 (Medium).jpg20190419_211554 (Medium).jpg20190419_211615 (Medium).jpg20190419_212021 (Medium).jpg20190508_151400 (Medium).jpg

    I would like to do these in the next couple of weeks.
    I will give account details once I get people wanting them. Please pm me with name,address,qty,design and colour.
    Thank you.
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    Hi Dave, great work on the tees mate. Sign me up for four shirts, two Grey, two Navy of the first design of the full "Katana" text and side profile. Will text you my details if that suits? How do I get the money to you, Direct Deposit to Bank?

    Cheers mate,
    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    Hi Glen once you pm me, I will give thebank details.
    Oh I forgot to put a sizing chart in there. will do it now.

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    Thanks Dave, that chart size seems small with a 3XL for 115cm? Text sent now.

    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    PM sent, thanks davegw.

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    Hi Dave - can I have one of each colour with the full Katana design please (that's 4 shirts please). You've got my phone number so text through your bank account details when you have a moment and I'll send you the cash.
    Gone riding!

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    Nice job Dave. PM sent.


    PS are they the actual colours or just samples of the designs?

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    Just samples mate. First one is an actual shirt.

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    I am hoping to do the shirts this weekend. Have heard from Glen and Pkay on sizes and colours but Nige and Muddy, am still waiting for replies . Please get back to me as soon as you can.

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    Go ahead with my first original order thanks Dave.
    Send me through the payment details and I will fix you up.


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