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    More Webike Goodness

    Katana history from Japanese website
    Darryl in E27-land

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwialfa View Post

    Katana history from Japanese website
    Nice find mate and a good read.
    You always meet a better class of people who ride and enjoy Motorcycling

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    These prototypes were equipped with prototype VM32. The prototype VM32 had a choke lever. プロトタイプ4 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickrプロトタイプ5 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickrプロトタイプ6 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickrプロトタイプ3 by Takahiro Ikehara, on Flickr
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    Grippy Grip

    Handle your Katana with Katana handles

    Darryl in E27-land

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