I'm a pretty easy going person and can honestly say that I haven't gotten a bad cut in probably 10 or more years. I figure, oh well, it's just hair it''ll grow back & I can manage to do something with it. I've gone from super long hair (middle of back or longer) to shorter (an inch or two above shoulder) and been okay with it, but now I'm just mad.
About 2 1/2 years ago I got a very bad perm on my super long hair. It took almost as long to have it grow/be cut out. My hair was about 2-3" below my shoulders with very long layers. I loved it, but it really needed a trim after this long summer. Well, they chopped some of the layers to the middle of my head! My length is still good (they said and inch & that's all they took), but I said I wanted to keep the layers long! I couldn't see what he was doing very well because I didn't have my glasses on (they were in my lap) and I TRUSTED that he would do what he said. I'm not even sure how to style it now-how long before the layers grow out?