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    World Speed Record

    O.K. it isn't for a Kat or even a motorcyle - it's for a boat, a very special Australian boat! This month is the 40th anniversary of Ken Warby setting the Unlimited Water Speed Record on Blowering Dam in a boat he designed, built and drove, setting a record that still stands. I watched it on a grainy TV with pretty dodgy commentary and cheering him on. Ken's record is now the longest standing World Speed Record on the books and many feel it may not be broken for a long time yet.

    Ken is also the first and only person in history to design, build and drive a boat to an unlimited water speed record, the first Australian to hold an unlimited speed record, and today the only man alive to ever hold an unlimited water speed record.

    Video of Ken's Record.

    Unlimited Water Speed Record attempts have the highest fatality rate of any motor sport - 85% die trying.

    This quote from John Casey - The Ken Warby Story.

    Quote "Breaking the water speed record isn't for the faint of heart. It's not one of those records you see that have no consequences for failed attempts; if you try unsuccessfully to break the record for balancing spoons on your face (it's 31 for those who want to give it a nudge) nothing bad will come of it. The same can't be said for the water speed record - attempts to break it have an 85 per cent fatality rate, 1233 ABC reports". Unquote.

    Thank you Ken Warby, you Champion and Man of Steel!

    Ken Warby World Record.jpg

    Here is a bit of background for some that may not be aware of our home grown World Record Holder.
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