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    Hey Pkay, long time, no speak... How are you mate ?

    Good news, I soaked the carbs overnight and when I came in this morning they freed up, fitted new fuel valves from BK Performance and reassembled the carbs. I have very badly cracked carb intake boots but we managed to hear her run after a 15 year sleep. Ordered some new boots from Springwood Suzuki which should be here by Friday.
    Mate I am well, good to see you've upped the cubes from the 2fiddies! Bob at AoSprays had mentioned you'd opened up the shop in capalaba. I'll have to send you a list of bikes I chase bits for so you can keep an eye out - or check out my Facebook page at Brisbane Classic Motorcycle Collection. And no I won't sell your details to data miners!
    Gone riding!

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