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    SD Kat 19' CAST front wheel

    Hi all, I've had a shout out for help from one of my old friends from my Sydney days, he is desperate for a front wheel from an 1100SD, so, without further ado....

    Does anybody have one they would part with????

    Thanks all.... and waiting to be swamped with replies

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    Is he making a Kat unicycle?
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Sorry Reg.
    PM Frankie as he doesn't get on here much these days and he may be able to help?


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    Thanks Nige but I think Frankie is mainly SZ's although I believe the SD 750 front is the same as 1100....

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    Yeh thats correct, but he may have something lying around. Who knows what he is thinking at the time!!
    So is it a 6spoke he is after? 16,17 or 18"? Did they come out in a 19?
    I am ringing him today I will ask.


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    Hey Nige,

    That subject line was a little left field - right?

    ........looking forward to SoO.

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    Its 19" or 19 inch Nige, yeah Derek, a little slip up... oops... but then I'm using something that hasn't been used since Fred Flintstone were a boy...

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    No go Scrapeit.
    He reckons they maybe hard to get hold of.
    Lots of SZ imported but not that many after that?
    Your mate could try a slabbie front (18) they have a very similar shape/style. Bit of mucking around but.
    Slightly wider rim though. 120 tyre I think?


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    Quote Originally Posted by drillit View Post
    Hey Nige,

    That subject line was a little left field - right?

    ........looking forward to SoO.
    Mmmm helps not to skim read!!
    19 it is then.
    Ditto on the Katch-up.


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