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    New Member from N.S.W

    Hi all
    I am a new member to this site I live in Taree N.S.W . I own a GSX1100S (Aust. compliance 12/81) which I am currently trying to restore, any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. I have had this Kat since 1996 but stopped riding it about 2000. I have always loved the katana since I first saw one at Action Suzuki Sydney back in 1981.
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    Welcome along! You've definitely come to the right place!

    What needs doing? Going by that photo she should clean up reasonably well. Are you doing a full resto or just getting her back to rideable?

    For genuine parts we recommend the mighty Mick Hone down in Victoria, prices are good and the service is excellent.
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    Welcome Tk, as Pete says you are in the right place, plenty of like minded folks here.

    Stacks of info, suggestions and advice here, look forward to seeing your progress

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum. The good news is you know your Kat has been a runner in the past and the better news is she is all there. Does it run right now? If she runs you are in the box seat!

    If she isn't running then after 18 years sitting things to check before dropping in a battery would be the fuel tank condition, clean and rebuild the carbs with new O-rings and gaskets, check/replace fuel tap. Turn the engine over by hand to ensure crank, cams and valves operate. Brake calipers and master cylinders, wheel bearings,forks and a few other bits here and there will most likely need a touch before riding the Kat. Getting her running is the big show.

    Pic 2 shows your Kat with original pipes and pic 1 with 4-1 system. Do you still have the original pipes? Having the original pipes gives you an interesting option regarding restore or preserve.

    When you say restore, what is your plan and end goal? The reason I ask is you have a very tidy 81 Kat going by the photos. Pipes (if you still have them), correct seat (light grey), screen, mirrors, anti-dives. Your Kat is a genuine survivor, pretty much original (in pic 2), Kat and they are very, very rare. Restored Kats look great and still turn heads after all these years and they can be restored many times and continue to be the icon they deserve to be in the motorcycle world.

    However, a complete original survivor Kat only happens one time in it's life. Right now, you have one.

    She is your machine to do with as you wish and if you have made your mind up to restore her to her former glory I am sure she will look fantastic, as Kats do so easily! A perfect set up would be to have two Kats, keep this one as is, get her running and just give her a clean up and ride and have a schmick restored Kat for other days. You can never own too many Kats. Stay in touch and let us know what you are up to with your Kat. Great to have another 81 Kat see the light of day.

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    Just for info...

    In the second pic the rubber wings beneath the fairing are on the wrong way around, and it looks like the plastic tray that bolts up under there is upside down as well.

    Otherwise, looks like a great basis for a resto!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtboy View Post
    Just for info...

    In the second pic the rubber wings beneath the fairing are on the wrong way around, and it looks like the plastic tray that bolts up under there is upside down as well.

    Otherwise, looks like a great basis for a resto!
    Sounds like a good excuse to cut the heck out of it.

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    Howdy and welcome ☺
    Darryl in E27-land

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    Welcome TK ( hope to get your name sometime )

    As per others, you appear to have a good surviving Kat, if you get the mechanicals up to scratch you will have a big grin when you ride it again.

    She was sexy back n the day, interesting boxes / crates in the back ground.

    For parts, Mick Hone in Melbourne is always first option. If they don't have it or not available next stop is CMS in Netherlands. Cost are similar or a little more, but the freight is costly so be sure to order a reasonable qty to mak it worth while.

    eBay is generally last choice for new parts, and ok for used only if it s something not available and reasonable price. But as always, it's up to you and our desired outcome.

    Hope to meet up with the crew sometime.
    Be aware, there is a ride planned for Tamworth early March, and there should be the State Of Origin ride to Nambucca Heads around Aug / Sept.


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    Fins look fine, it all looks pretty well as it rolled out of the factory, not bad for 37 years later.

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    Hi , I was thinking of a full restore eventually, but at this stage I would be happy just to get the bike rideable and ready for club rego.

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