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    Thanks Toadboy

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    As Glen has said, 10/82 would actually make your bike an early '83 model (SD) as the year models started the year prior, as such.

    Easiest way to confirm is the passenger footpeg mounts - the SD and later models went to an alloy footpeg and the mounts changed accordingly.
    They're NOT interchangeable with the SZ all-rubber affairs without a fair bit of mucking about - AMHIK.
    The SDs also went to the six-spoke wheel pattern and the motors were indeed black:

    Samford Valley, eh?
    Whereabouts exactly?

    I'm at Closeburn and you'd be welcome to drop by mine to discuss Kat and Suzuki stuff.
    Plus, I have some spares that you may be able to use.


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    Hi Shane
    And welcome

    Best thing if/ get new side fairings or covers is to be sure the rubbers that the lugs secure into are not dry and hard, or you be replacing these panos again before too long. For the cost of them I recommend Rpalcing all the rubber washers and bumpers around the seat, tank, fairing etc.

    The best way to make sure that these covers come of easily when needed is to use a chap stick or petroleum jel on the lugs or the rubbers.

    Essentially need to lubricate your tits!
    Repeat annually or at major service time is good to keep the rubbers soft.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
    keep the rubbers soft.

    Must have soft rubbers

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    I use silicon grease for my rubbers, organics (e.g. petroleum jelly) and rubber do not mix, that said, if the rubbers are nitrile or viton, probably no problem, I just use silicon grease (O-ring, brake etc.) 'cause I have it for my pool filter O-rings.

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    Welcome Shane! Great to see another local pop up with a Kat, and yes if you can get along on a Saturday morning you'll get a first hand eyeball of some Kats, sometimes one or two, sometimes half a dozen or more all in various different forms from stock to... not so stock.
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Welcome Shane, I also have a pretty original 12/82 1100 if you ever need to eyeball one but as the boys said there's plenty of Kat's and advice at the Saturday ride. John.

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    Welcome Shane,

    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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    Hi Shane and welcome

    Preservation over restoration - they are only original once

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    Welcome Shane

    Darryl in E27-land

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