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    New member with 750 popup in Sydney

    Hi there I've just joined tonight and bought a popup about 12 months ago. I would dearly love to get a 1100 if one came up but I'm still hiding this one from the wife haha. I rode a mates in Brisbane around Anzac Day and was blown away by how it went. I will try to get to the state of origin this year if I can and would love to meet a few Sydney guys for a ride.

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    Welcome from Brisbane Peter!
    Do come to origin, need more popups there!

    Cheers John

    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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    Golden Bay WA
    Hi Peter and welcome from WA

    Preservation over restoration - they are only original once

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    Walloon, QLD
    Welcome Peter, your in the right place

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    Hi Peter and welcome to the Forum. If you are after an 1100 Kat they turn up for sale however, the ones priced for use on Planet Earth sell pretty quick so if you find the one you want think hard about grabbing it. There will be a few Kat riders from Sydney riding up for our S.O.O. in Sep so join in the fun.

    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    Welcome mate.
    Boogieman (NBT, NSRL, ATMUPN, ROK)
    I wish I had as many cc's as posts!

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    Welcome Peter!
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Welcome Peter. Keep your eye out on this site if you want to catch up with some Sydney rides.


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    Welcome Peter, good to have another pop up in the group.

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    Welcome finally........

    Seeing as though you are the source of clandestine coding - I suggest the following.....(as R1, R2, R3.75 and R4.25 are already in use!

    R5 - Pop-up thingy.
    R6 - as yet un-procured proper Katana......


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