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    Any accomodation near the island?

    I'm travelling down to the island for the GP with my Dad in a month or so and accomodation that I had sorted is looking a bit shaky.
    Is anyone down that way that can help me out if my current plan falls over? It's not all over just yet but I'm making sure I have a back up plan in case.
    I'm more than happy to pay my way for a bed or even a camp spot.
    Bear in mind I have my Dad with me.

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    Hi Ben, contact Judith Wright Real Estate in Cowes and see what they do for you as Moto Gp dries up quick for accom and you do not want to be camping that time of year as the weather can get nasty. I did it for 12 years straight and stayed at the one place BUT always booked 12 months in advance.
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    I always went to a free camp close to the island with a tent, but you can also go with a caravan. It has toilets but no hot water.

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    Good to know Christian. Cheers
    Boogieman (NBT, NSRL, ATMUPN, ROK)
    I wish I had as many cc's as posts!

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