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    Push Pull Throttle

    Can anyone tell me why you need a push pull throttle for Mikuni RS Flatslide carbs when the standard return springs work so well and snap it back instantly?? I know quite a few people who would love a real answer to this question. Hope you can help. Cheers Dave

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    They snap back nicely when the engine is at idle or not running - try again at 11000rpm when the single return spring fails.

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    Whats the chance of the return spring breaking?? realistically?? Ive had a set on a bike for 18months with no problems. is the only reason for the extra throttle cable being an insurance policy or is there more to it that I'm not understanding?

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    Push pull cables are used on slide carbs to ensure slides return to full closed position when the throttle is snapped shut at high rpm. At high rpm the strong engine vacuum acts directly on the back of the slide and the slide is sucked hard against the slide bore as it drops, this can jam the throttle slide half open (especially if the slide 'tilts' inside its bore due to lateral force of the suction on the bottom half of the slide). And this just when you want maximum engine braking so pushing (actually pulling) the slides closed avoids the potentially disastrous results. In a CV the engine vacuum acts primarily on the back of throttle butterfly and not on the slide so it can drop as fast as the spring and diaphragm allow.
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    Thank you that's what I needed to know

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    They donít run well without them

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