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Thread: We're Back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fchan View Post
    Good that the forum is up and running again. But please do not thank me as I have not done anything to fix it. Shane is the one that is constantly on top of everything about this forum and he's been on it for nearly 3 days. Thank you very much Shane

    But hey Glenn, I take that drink if you don't mind :P

    It's all good
    Hey Frankie, I don't mind at all mate! Your drinks at the S.O.O. will be ready for you at the Bar.


    P.S. Thanks for outing yourself regarding the Forum fix and that Shane did all the work - again! Many thanks Shane and yes drinks for you as well.
    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    My soul has been saved by Shane! Thanks again mate
    Preservation over restoration - they are only original once

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    Thanks to you all!
    Glad to know we are all part of the same team. Equally glad Thomas did not buy a Honda....ooh, just the thought of it!
    I don't need all of the credit (beers exempt), as we all keep this forum running.
    We do have head aches from time to time, but it is all worth it to see many of you enjoying the forums.
    Many of you (yes you) have contributed so much to keeping this alive by helping out others. That is what makes a team.
    So, I would like to thank all of you and will eagerly look forward to the day we catch up. It is difficult with so much happening on my end, but still I will look forward to that day.
    Cheers to you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadboy View Post
    Extra double thanks to Shane then,

    but....thanks anyway Frankie, just for being a good bloke
    Thanks Eric

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