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Thread: 1982 750 Katana

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    1982 750 Katana

    Ive posted the Katana on Ebay once more, Im either going to lose money on it or throw a blanket over it and forget about it for a few years. I have found a new project so i'd
    like to move it on

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    Hope you move it on this time MK.
    Unfortunately I already have a 750, continually on lookout for an 1100!

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    Sorry to hear your selling the old girl. Good luck with the auction.
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    keep it and park it in the shed for a rainy day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomcat View Post
    Hope you move it on this time MK.
    Unfortunately I already have a 750, continually on lookout for an 1100!
    Hi Stuart, Give Old Gold motorcycles a call and have yourself place in there order books. My '87 1100 SBE has arrived and its a weapon and the team needs to change some parts to make the bike compliant and ready for rego and then all those bits go back on. Hope to have the bike at my place in the next week.
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    this is not a good time of the year to sell any motorcycle specially if it's not rego'd as you are finding out ,bargain price though too bad it 's bringing the rest of the market down ,least I have my 1100 covered for 6k ,good luck with it.

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    just one hour left on the evil bay advert and its at $3500, the reserves been met lets hope I have some luck with the seller unlike other evil bay auctions

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    $3500! I just watched it count out, man it was tempting to have a bid. Hope it works out for you mate.
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