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    Beyond the compatibility issues, Silicone fluids hold a fair bit of air and results in spongey brakes, but if you're happy with them, i guess that's all that matters. Personally I wouldn't touch them.

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    I'll grab two sets if they are still available, many thanks. I'll pm you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Not real sure why they put a window in a master cylinder if its full and doesn't leak well its full or there a bouts even when the brake pads are worn out. It was designed to still have enough fluid even though the pads are shot. A lot of 2 stroke motorbike gear boxes now days don't give you anyway to check them if the right amount of oil is put in and it doesn't leak than it must be full unless the crank seals are leaking Cheers Murf. Anyway we all change our brake fluid every 12 months don't we. DONT WE
    Doesn't the manual say every 10 years Murf.

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    When we replace our brake hoses every two years I guess you could keep the fluid and reuse it LOL Cheers Murf.
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