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    Genuine wheels

    真剣 San
    I look forward to your report. You are an avid Katana believer. In the meantime you will be awarded the medal by Suzuki.

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    Shin-Ken 1074

    Genuine wheels

    Takahiro San, I think I have a set of wheels without tyres fitted. I will weight them tomorrow.


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    Genuine wheels

    Weight comparison (front)

    Asahi for SZ 4.5kg
    Asahi for SD&SE 4.2 kg
    Enkei tubeless for SD&SE 4.85kg
    Enkei for SR

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    Genuine wheels

    Hi, that's a good point! There are some type Enkei wheels with tubeless markings. However, those structures may be incomplete as tubeless except SY type.

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    Genuine wheels

    There is some debate about the 'tubeless' designation on GSX and Katana rims...

    Depends on who you talk to, but the very early

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