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13-05-15, 11:31 PM
what is it ,the kats need 3 to 5 OHM the dyna 2000 4-1 has gray 2.2 which I have been running for 5 yrs ,now they ,well one has a shot secondary and the other one has twice the required number up around 64 on the secondary reading,Does any here know what these ohms are all about as I have brought a new set of 2 black dyna coils that are 5 ohm for $110 US ,bikerbilly reckons they will be ok but there is another bloke Gary saying the green 3 ohms are the go for a standard kat and the grey 2.2 dyna 2000 4-1 ,good luck anyone cheers.Patrick

13-05-15, 11:45 PM
Have just fitted a pair of Green's to my 750 as that seemed to be the consensus. I have only done 300k's so far and all good, and know other 1100 owners who also have the also fitted them and seam to do OK.
Issues I've heard about are the terminals shorting out on the mounting posts, but insulating them does the trick

Postings were under "Coils", "Damb Coils" or "Dyna Coils" ( can't fully recall but a search under coils should see you right

14-05-15, 08:52 PM
googled ohms now have a grasp of what it's about ,seems that thelower the ohms the more current gets through,the gray 2.2 dynatec are more for drag racing the green 3 ohm rated coils are for racing and the black 5 ohm for street ,cool.

14-05-15, 11:09 PM
Transformers, Its a very complex subject, however keeping a simplistic view;

The ohms of the primary coil will as you suggest affect the current in them.
The amount of primary current will affect the charging time of the coil. The charging time will affect how many sparks a second you can do. Primary current will also affect the power transfered to the secoundry and ultimately affecting the power of the spark. ( theres a mine field for a pub argument)

Now the other voodoo factor is whats switching the coil on and off. The semi conductor in the ignitor (that black box on the side) will have a rated current (i dont know what it is either) changing the coils ohms might at worst exceed its capabilitys, at best not yield any performance gain...

AFAIK 3 or 5 ohm are ok for the stock igniter...Doubt you can detect any performance difference with the backside dyno...