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    Easy starting 101.

    So, as always happens with GSX11s, a bit more capacity and a bit more compression sees them struggle to start and occasionally kick back (doing unhelpful things to the starter)... So, having seen mods with manual levers to retard the ignition for starting, wiring modifications to spin the motor with the kill switch off and then hit the ignition once it's spinning, I had a bit of a look at my spare ignition advancer/bobweight set... and promptly attacked it with a grinder. Joe Marshal had suggested extending the holes in the pickup plate and grinding some off the max advance side of the bob-weights/stops, then retarding it all so that you wind up with max advance in the right spot. Turns out there's an easier way.

    I attacked the inner stops with the grinder, grinding them flush with the rest of the bobweight (red bit circled below) - after putting it back together, timing light showed the ignition in the right spot at idle, and at max advance, but with the static advance being reduced - when the starter is turning over at relatively low revs, the bob weights stay in at full retard, preventing kickback.
    Yes, the max advance does come in slightly later due to the bob weight mass being reduced, but given that they usually ping at 3000rpm with alot of compression, that's probably not a bad thing.
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