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    Replacement modules for pop-up headlight for sale.

    I am going to produce a low cost plugin replacement module, these will be available in small numbers on a ongoing basis.

    It works just like the original with the headlight flash function and parking lights.
    There is no box or mounting instead it is small and light enough to simply cable tie to the harness and or fairing sub frame, and includes the 10 way connector to the harness.

    The proposed cost is $60 posted Australia wide.(overseas + postage at cost)
    As a value add there will be 2 spare diodes which you may need to repair the position switches in the motor.

    Plus thereís more.
    I am not doing this with the intent of making money out of fellow Katana fans and this forum, so the price includes a $5 donation for each unit sold that I will make to the Smith Family Childrenís charity to help disadvantaged Australian children.

    At the moment I only have a couple of the prototypes to test with. I will be building the first batch for delivery by the end of next month.

    Since the exact immediate interest in this is unknown either respond to this thread or email me stating your intention to purchase. There no need to worry about payment yet I will contact you when your module is ready.
    So there you go no more darkness.

    Cheers John.

    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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    Good one John, I would reckon that it would be a good spare to have even if your OEM module was still working as it is a good price, well done.

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    Top stuff John!

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    This will be a welcome sight {no pun intended} for those with this popup issue. Well done!

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    Top news John.

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    Well done John, there will be many Darkside owners naming their first born males after you with this act of sorcery to defeat the voodoo juju.

    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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    Hi John. Please put me down for 2 units. cheers stuart
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    Good one John.
    Sometimes when you fall in shit, you get up smelling like roses.

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    Awesome mate, can you make some mirrors too?
    Gone riding!

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    two versions

    Turns out there are two versions of the popup
    put some details here click

    I am making all modules type 1, its easy to change to the other by moving 1 wire in the connector. instructions included!
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    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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