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    G day.This is my second post which is probably the wrong way to do it but Im sure someone will straighten me out. Im putting a 84 pop up back on the road and have obtained anew rear brake master cylinder but having trouble obtaining a front. Is there a front master cylinder from another model that I can use.

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    Hi Bear
    Am sure someone will point out the best way to start is by posting in the Introduction section first. I was lucky as the day I joined another newby threw himself on that grenade so I was spared.

    You can if you don't mind paying top dollar. I bought one for my 82' 750 and was very, very happy. But it can be addictive and have spent a small fortune on my rebuild. Mike Hone in Melbourne also good place to get parts, but best to check all points ( ebay, CMS & Mike Hone ).

    Mike does not show any in stock currently.


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    Welcome to the Kat House Bear. I don't think a front master cylinder is a hard thing to find. If my memory is correct, I think the mc from most GS's models are the same.
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    Have a look at first gen (99-07) hayabusa.
    same angle on the bars so the caps level and same 5/8 piston.

    Cheers John

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