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    Mine was 209 kg with a couple of litres of juice in it, no carbon wheels or anything...

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    Oh yeah, 10 litres of fuel is about 7-7.5 kg for reference.

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    Derek, you could buy these from me, they might save you another kg or 2 also?

    Not sure if you saw them on my bike at the Pit Stop when I was on the extended Power Circle a few weekends ago. My original pegs arrived the following week. I think I'll worry about my own fat ass before I look at trying to lose bike weight


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    Yes Derek my wallet weighs a lot. But remember coins are heavier than notes but they don't get you far.
    Boogieman (NBT, NSRL, ATMUPN, ROK)
    I wish I had as many cc's as posts!

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    Good effort Derek and nice to see that the coke can one liners have been put away.
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    Good job
    I would happy if I could get below 220.

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    My composite guy seems to have gone off the boil with the carbon parts idea so I'm going to have a go at it in the new year. I reckon we could get it under purely by doing a fairing and tank in carbon.
    Boogieman (NBT, NSRL, ATMUPN, ROK)
    I wish I had as many cc's as posts!

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