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    Mick Hone Celebrating 40 years in the Motorcycle Industry!

    An amazing feat for any company / business to stand the test of time and when you consider the volatility of the Motorcycle Industry Mick Hone is second to none. Just proves fantastic old fashion service and dedication can give longevity in today's market.

    From me Mick, thank you for all the help and the chats over the years. Look forward to many more.

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    congratulations mick ,well deserved, you have help me a lot in my last katana build.
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    congratulations. I've only just started buying from them, but the advice I've been given and the quick turn around with parts has been invaluable

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    Haha Boris can still write a yarn! Onya Mick Hone and co., always looking after us Suzuki nutters and keeping them going, fantastic for a small business like that to stay around that long when motorcycle dealers these days tend to be mass chain affairs with not much to say for themselves.
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    Congratulations to Mick and the great team he has running the show. I have always had quality service and advice whenever speaking with Mick or Steve in spares and thank them for their outstanding support.

    "Suzuki Aussie God", yeah, spot on!

    Hahahaha, Comenarra Parkway or as it was sometimes called - Comenarra Speedway.

    Thank you Mick and the team.

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    Congrats Mick Hone and the team and look forward to many more years of great service.
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    Thank you all very much for your kind words - I'm sure I must be part owner now, with what I've been spending!

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