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    82 750 Marzocchi shocks and Laser 4 into 1

    SOLD I'm returning my bike to as close to stock as possible so now have these very nice pieces up for sale. Got my self some not too shabby replacement OEM stuff which tidied up nicely and is now on the bike. The shocks and the 4 into 1 were fitted by the PO and are near new. So I am thinking $250 + post for each item, but open to fair offers. This Laser muffler is not straight through, it is not loud, only marginally louder than the stock system and no adjustment to fueling is required other than maybe checking the pilot air screws settings.

    0021.jpg 0031.jpg 0081.jpg 0011.jpg
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    I maybe interested in the exhaust system, when you say the laser muffler isn't straight, do you mean that it has damage or its not a straight through muffler?
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    Yeah, its a very tidy near new muffler, which is not a straight through muffler .... ie when you look into either end you don't see daylight

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    thanks for the reply but I should have read your listing properly, as my bike is a 1100.
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    We Ride to add life to our days

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    Hey garyclem, PM sent.

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