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    Tyres for pop up

    I have reached the point in my rebuild of a 84 pop up that I now need to fit tyres. What can you guys suggest ? It had 110/90/16 & 130/80/18 Metzlers fitted when I bought it but they are 20 plus years old so I think their past it. Thanks.

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    Hey bear

    Nothing like starting the old tyre debate.

    I've never been able to go past Metzler tyres. I've had then in the past and still fit them when I can get them - they seem a bit harder to get nowadays. Not sure what is available in the sizes you nominated, but that is where I'd look first.



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    I know a bunch of guys love their BT45s.
    I'd throw that bloody 16" front wheel in the bin and put decent 17" rubber at both ends if it was mine (Always meant to do it to my pop up years back, lunched the motor before I got around to it though)

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    You can get BT45 in 16

    and the rear

    I never had a problem and liked the Conti Go I had on mine.

    Cheers John

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    Nothing wrong with 16" front ends. I know of people who have made a career from such things.

    My default has always been BT45. Get good life but not so stiff in the carcase that they give a crap ride. Having said that both Kats have Sport Demons but I don't think they come in the sizes you're after. Have a chat to the guys at Tyres for Bikes they will take you through the different options for how you want to ride and what they are going on.
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    I'm on my second set of Pirelli Sport Demon on my pop up Kat. I love them and I don't think I would switch to anything else.

    100 /90/16 on the front. 130 /80/17 on the back

    Cheers ��
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