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Thread: my new katana

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    my new katana

    it only took me nearly 30 years but I now have another katana in my shed.
    The bike came up at the right time and everything just fell into place to get it.
    I know its not a original bike but I have never kept anything original I have owned.
    it had been in storage for 20+ years, I'm just glade it was kept in a nice dry place as its in very good condition for sitting that long.
    I have now started to pull the bike apart and rebuild the brakes and bearings, carbies ( I'm glade he kept the fuel tank full as it has no rust in it).

    I already have 4 bikes but when this came up I couldn't help myself.
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    We don't Ride to add days to our life,
    We Ride to add life to our days

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    Cool. Looks good.


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    Wow, that looks great. Any details,to share - is it stokers?

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    Nice score!
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Brilliant! Looks great
    Preservation before restoration - they are only original once

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    thanks for the positive comments fellas.
    muddy who is stoker?
    its a 82 750 katana with a 83 1100 sd motor.
    We don't Ride to add days to our life,
    We Ride to add life to our days

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