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Thread: Coontaboy

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    Hi Coontaboy,

    I'm slowly 'freshing up' a 650 Kat too, haven't really had much to do with them up until now, but loved my old 8-valve GS750. Post pics and tell us what your doing, this is the best place on the net to share info.

    Darryl in E27-land

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    Hey kiwialfa, just freshening it up as well at the moment. Come across a couple of snags though. Starter motor went and now i think the petcock has gone on the old girl. I worked out that a man with little time and patience should not buy a Kat.
    I am enjoying tinkering with it though and learning along the way.

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    Hey there, What's the symptoms you are experiencing re: the fuel tap?
    Darryl in E27-land

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    You wouldn't believe it petcock all good today. It was working on reserve and prime but not working in the on position.
    My young block lost a tooth and the tooth fairy come last night. Perhaps she fixed the petcock while she was here. Will keep you posted.

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    Hey guys how do i upload a few photos onto here?

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    look at the icons above, near the end there is a picture of a tree, click on that and see where it takes you,
    here is a pic I prepared earlier, it is of Max at Kew last June, we met up with Di, a lovely lady there who's 85 yr old dad has a MC collection
    it would make a great stop for the group on the way back from the SOO next month to check it out.

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    Hi again kiwialfa. The problem seems to be back unfortunately. When i am taking off in 1st gear i give some throttle but the bike just dies but doesn't stall. Then all of a sudden it will pick up and take off again. Then she dies out again at random. It feels like it is starving for fuel. May not be the petcock at all. Possible carby probs. I was wrong about my tooth fairy theory i guess. I needs some advice on this one i reckon.

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    Could be a number of things. Welcome to the process of elimination

    What you might do is start a thread regarding your issue in 'Technical Discussions' here in the forum with a detailed description of the symptoms and the Kat House community can offer some advice. But generally, if an engine doesn't run well at some point in its rev range its usually ignition or fuel. Do that and we can walk you through the possibilities of the cause and what the fix is.

    Darryl in E27-land

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    Just sneek the choke on a little in the area its playing up at and if it gets better your looking at it running lean in the fuel mixture for what ever reason Cheers Murf
    Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly

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    Hi Coontaboy
    Agree with Dazza, best to start a new thread in technical.

    For my two cents ( no longer available in NZ or Aust )
    ~ remember that the fuel petcock requires vacuum to function in On & Res, but fuel flows free on Prime.
    ~ in addition to Ignition & Fuel, could also be Air. Are you using a foam sock on air cleaner? Have tried running it without the cover on the air filter box?
    ~ are all exhaust headers hot. If ones cold could be the rubber between head and card is split.

    I think that's three cents!


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