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    Dynatek 2000 Dyna S ignition

    Have been looking at these Dynatek ignition systems.
    I see a few people are using the Dynatek coils. I have been looking at the Standalone Dyna S system Or the Dyna 2000 kit system. with a set of the new coils as well

    The Dyna S looks pretty much plug and play. install and set timing then ride.
    The Dynatek 2000 is a bit more involved
    The Dyna 2000 kits i have looked at for 1100 Kats. come with 2.2ohms coils I was under the impression the 3ohms coil was the 1 for the Kats.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Dyna S or the Dyna 2000 are they any good?
    Do I really need the Dyna 2000 or will the Dyna S and 3ohm coils do the trick ?

    Cheers Simon

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    I run a Dyna S and 3ohms coils on my stock 1000 with great successes.
    If you're running a modified engine the 2000 kit may be a better option.
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    If your Kat is stock i.e. rev counter etc - just use the Dyna S system with stock coils. That way you also don't need to find anywhere to fit the 2000 ignition module (big blue box)

    It may just be coincidence - but I now have quite a few sets of the grey Dyna coils that break down under temperature - replaced them with stock coils of unknown history/origin and they run just fine - even at high temp. It seems you get around 5 years or so out of the grey coils

    The 2000 offers a stable digital out, various advance curves etc which is handy but I would still only run this ignition with stock coils.

    I have yet to try the Dyna mini coils - Dale has these on his Kat - but he has only just started using them so the 5 years is - well 5 years away.

    There is a special connector plug on the 2000 module to harness - I have quite a few of these - so if you get a 2000 ignition without wiring harness I can help supply the connector block/terminals.


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    Thanks for the info.
    I checked the Australian Dist Serco for the Dyna S, but they don't seem to list any of the Dynatek products at all .
    I did find a place in Vic that sell the Dyna S called Ballistic Performance parts. there was quite a few overseas on FleBay.
    are there any other Aussie places that may have the Dyna S?

    I think i am more inclined to go with the Dyna S and stock coils, from what you guys have said.
    With the Dyna S installed, the stock igniter unit is not utilized anymore and can be removed from the Kat ,judging by the wiring diagram ?

    Cheers Simon

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    Not many resellers in Aus...
    Rob at Ballistic Performance is a top bloke if you wish to buy locally...
    Or go ebay USA and save yourself aprox $80....
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    I had a Dyna S on the wee beastie when I first finished it, but twice had one module fail outside of the warranty period. I'm sure I was just unlucky as they're generally reliable units. The reason I've gone back to stock was I was lucky enough to get a genuine ignitor for a good price (this model's ignition isn't common to many other models).

    When I did buy the second Dyna S, I just went through my local Suzuki dealer (Brisbane Motorcycles in my case) and they had it delivered from Serco the same day. That was pretty good service I must say! I think I exhausted the Serco stock though, when I checked again I think it was an 8 week lead time.

    I would've persevered with another Dyna S if they weren't so hard to get quickly locally. Hate having my daily rider off the road.

    On Derek's comment on the coils I can only agree... I kept running the Dyna coils for a while after going back to stock ignition but one coil started breaking down when hot, and that would've been 4 to 5 years old. Back to stock coils and they've been good since.
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    Thanks for the advice. I ordered the Dyna S and another screen from the USA
    I will keep the original stuff as a backup. just in case the Dyna S fails


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    I am still running the original ignition system on my '83 1100 Kat with no issues at all. I do however have two spare coils that I managed to blag from a friend of mine just in case!!
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