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    New member Old Kat owner

    Hi I am from the South West of Western Australia. I have a 1981 1100 Kat. I have owned for nearly 25 years. I hasn't been ridden since 2006. It has been sitting in a shed on the farm collecting dust and rust. I have just started stripping it down for a rebuild. Just spent a $1000US on new parts from the USA

    Here is a pic of it. excuse the dirt and crap all over it
    1981 Kat.jpg

    Cheers Simon

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    Hi Simon and welcome to the Forum. Great to hear you are going to get the Kat up and running again. Looking forward to following your resto and seeing a few pics as you progress with it.

    I have sent you a Private Message Simon, to read the message, click on "Notifications" in the top right of the Forum page.

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    Welcome SIMON
    You should have listed it with Lloyds, that's genuine Shed Find dust there.

    Hope you enjoy the forum and enjoy your resto.
    There is only one thing I found better than the 18months I spent in the shed doing my resto -

    Getting the Kat out on the road and the comments from people as you parked on a Saturday morning in front of the local cafe.

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    Its still runs fine .Just Haven't started it for 6mths. To lazy to buy another battery for it. Just needs a good wash . I think I have spent more on rego and batteries in the last 10yrs than fuel. When i started looking at Kats in the late 80's . I was more looking for the Kat 1000cc. but the 2 i saw were ex race bikes and had been thrashed. I ended up seeing this 1 and being 1 with spoked wheels. I grabbed it. I am the third owner . I actually met the original owner years ago. A mate got me motivated a couple of weeks ago to get it out of the shed. I ended up ordering all new braking system for it from the USA, bar the front master cylinder , as they are no longer available, I had to buy a front master cylinder kit for that. I will probably get more new parts for it. I will get them in batches , so i don't go over the import duty limit $$$. I will probably end up repainting it the same colour as it is now. I may see if i can find someone that can make a new stainless 4-1 system. I do like the Tingate system that is currently on it, But the header pipes have rusted..
    I may over the weekend get it and give it a bath. Just can't remember for the life of me , where i put the 2 mirrors.

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    Welcpme there Wraith, you'll probably find the motors on those 1000 race kats are good, they are a very strong motor and as long as you don't exceed 13,500 rpm, should still be ok-ish (need welded crank and over 13,500, conrods are sus, ask the drag racer boys...)

    Also, there is no real need to shop from the US, Mick Hone here in Melbourne is the one to deal with for parts, my genuine mirrors cost me $80 each (went too close to a guide post one morning.... oops..

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    Hey Simon, welcome!

    Definitely grab it out and give it a bath and show us.

    Mick Hone's definitely the place to go for parts, I always used to buy from the US until I got put onto Mick Hone, and then the US shipping costs started to skyrocket as well.
    1984 Katana 7/11 - done at last!

    1982 GS450E - not quite stock

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    Welcome Simon,

    Glad to see another Kat coming back together.
    Front master cylinders are still available from Mick Hone $271.35

    As with the others, Mick Hone is a very good supplier to deal with, also mention you're on this forum and you will get 5% discount


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    Hi Simon and welcome. There are a couple of Katana owners in the South West with a very keen rider in Manjimup and another in Albany. Look forward to catching up one day,


    And bag the dust as "Barn / Shed Find Dust" is selling for $500 on eBay
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    thanks for the link guys. didn't realize parts were still available in Australia. I was going to go to the Local Suzuki dealer in Bunbury and see what they could get . But will try Mick Hone.
    I see on his site, there is no 1100 Katana listing for 1981. They have a listing for a 1982 GS1000 S. is that the 1 I order parts from ?.
    Just looked at new mirrors on there . Is the left mirror the same part no number as the right? I could find the RH mirror using #56500-49372, I dont have a part number for the left

    Cheers Simon

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    Welcome to the Kat house Simon and all the best with your Katana and hope to see you at SOO in September at Nambucca Heads this year.
    You always meet a better class of people who ride and enjoy Motorcycling

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