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Thread: engine oil leak

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    engine oil leak

    The front of the motor has a decent (not quite a dribble) oil leak at the top centre.
    I am 99% sure it is that internal O-ring. When I first had the motor re- built it did the same thing and I took it back after a couple of weeks and was fixed.He said he may have nicked the o-ring a bit installing it? But after 30+K's it has come back.
    Is there a way I can bodge it up from the outside for the next couple of months till I can do it properly myself?
    Like maybe a type of silicone?
    A good degrease and a 10 minute ride and she is a smoke'n joe off the Zorst pretty quickly. So it is a fare weep.



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    You sure it's not the o-ring on front of either side of camchain tunnel below head stud. Quick and easy to fix. Cam cover off.

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    Yeh I think thats the one?
    Best to use Genuine part or find one that fits?


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    I had a simular situation years back
    the solution is Vitron O'rings with a little non hardening aviation goo.
    also a good idea is to get a decent cover gasket , it will last several or
    more times than the thin paper rubbish gasket that are one off use,
    though the thicker
    cost twice as much MH is good too supply
    also make sure that you replace O'ring one at a time and torque up
    was the tip I got from MH mechanic

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    Cheers for that.
    I will see what I can come up with.


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