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    2nd hand parts on eBay

    Just browsing through ebay as I do every now and then, I keep coming across a second hand motorcycle parts dealer in Brisbane. Used to be Simca, now apparently called Centrepoint Motorcycles.

    I simply do not understand how this company stays in business with their pricing policy. Not just today but on many previous occasions I've noticed how way too high their prices are. Anybody else noticed this? Or dealt with this company?

    Today a case in point. Lifting handle for 1100 Kat. You know, from under the seat just behind the rear shock to lift the bike onto it's centrestand. Centrepoint have a 2nd hand unit for sale at $110. Brand new from Mick Hone it is $39.70.

    Check out any of their many other listings, they often seem to be about twice what new price will be. Has me wondering...

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    Yes I totally agree!...There are others that have haggled their price and seem happy enough though!..."CAVEAT EMPTOR"...

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    Yep, they certainly have a weird way of pricing their items, however it's good to keep an eye on them as they will occasionally have some good priced parts, and if you make an offer, quite often they will accept a lower price. I scored my import 750 frame from them as well as a few other bits and pieces for what I think are good prices using the make an offer option. I definitely wouldn't be clicking buy it now...
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    The way I view it- they own the part and are trying to make money. Caveat emptor!
    I do agree that they ask more for second hand than we can get new but my research stops me getting ripped.
    I bought my '87 GSXR1100 from them for a great price and am waiting for delivery of a GSXR1000 radial master cylinder. I always offer them way under their asking price and they always move.

    They are are an odd bunch but as Pete said, they quite often list a part for great prices. Always offer less anyway.
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