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    2 very scarce Kats!

    Thought I'd post a pic of 2 of recently deceased Dawid's Katanas. He had cancer. He was absolutely Katana mad. At one time he had close on 10! This pic is of a SXZ, modified somewhat, and a original 1000SZ. Beautiful! The SXZ is now mine.
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    Hi Eben,
    The KAT's look to be in amazing condition thanks for posting. It's a credit to you and your friend Dawid.

    Take care and Ride safe

    The Chief.
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    Very nice Eben. Me likey. Dawid obviously took good care of them. He must of been single if he had almost 10 Kats. Or had a very understanding wife to let him keep such an addiction.
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    Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing Eben.
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    Always nice to see other SXZs
    Darryl in E27-land

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