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    35th Anniversary

    Hi All,

    Home safe from an amazing 2 weeks off work (longest break in 15 years),

    2550kms in 5 days to do the world superbikes at Phillip island, home and then load up for the 35th, another 950kms each way.

    What can i say but WOW, bike porn everywhere i went, but i don't think i can top 56 kats in a row for the photo shoot, maybe a 100 at the 40th could do it.

    My wife and I had a fantastic time at the 35th meeting people and talking to like minded owners, she actually believes now that you all exist, it was great to finally meet people i have "known" for 10 years on the net, and many i met for the first time, and to top it off winning a trophy was just a bonus.

    The bikes there were a credit to their owners and the amount of different things that you can do to them blows my mind, especially after sitting with Martin for awhile and scrolling through his phone.

    To all the people that organized and ran the event you did a job worthy of mention, the time and effort put in was easy to see.

    All I can say is I cant wait to see everyone at the next meet, maybe state of origin or Khancoben (I think that's right), but definitely before the 40th.

    I hope every stayed shiny side up and mad the trip home safe.




    I LOVE MY KATS, and you can travel long distance on an 1100,

    also i have been informed that a group of kats should now be referred to as a snatch of kats.
    Previous Rides - 1981 650 Katana, 1988 GPz750R
    Current Rides - 1981 650 Katana, 1982 650 Katana, 1983 650 Katana, 2 x 1984 750 Katana (Darkside), 1985 750 Katana (Darkside), 1983 1100 Katana
    Donor bike 1981 650 Katana

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    Well said Stuart.
    Glad you
    1; had such a good time
    2; arrived home safe
    3; the wife realised you were "NOT" off your trolley with imaginary friends

    Stay safe and look towards the next adventure.

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    Take care Stuart and hope to see you again soon.
    You always meet a better class of people who ride and enjoy Motorcycling

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