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    250-400cc dirt bike

    Hey, I'm looking for a 250-400cc dirt bike. Preferably an XR (don't throw rocks at me) or similar. Nothing Chinese. Not looking to spend more than $3k

    Boogieman (NBT, NSRL, ATMUPN, ROK)
    I wish I had as many cc's as posts!

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    I had a 350xr (single carb ) in the mid 90s with a disc up front and did the suspenders and chucked a bigger flat slide on and it was a cracker of a bike. Then came out the 400 and it went a bit better and was quite robust. A few guys I rode with bought them and they were a good bike. Old these days but if you just want to have fun it would still be a good thing. I spent a tad more than 3 a couple of years ago and got an orange 04' 450 and it is awesome
    . Super quick for me and handles sweet and bucket loads lighter than an XR or a DR of the same era which is important when vertically challenged.


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