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    Suspension Ugrades

    G'day again guys.

    Bought an "85" 1100 at the start of the year, enjoyed riding around on it for a while(including the first ride from Canberra to Nth QLD ~2500km) then when it ran out of rego, I decided I should go over it and fix some oil leaks/fuel problems/appearance problems.

    It's been sitting partially stripped down for a few months now, and unfortunately I thought I'd have a quick look into upgrading the suspension. There's some useful info on "suzuki-katana.COM" amd he mentions using CBR 954 triple clamps with 92 GSXR 750 forks. Any reason why I can't use the CBR forks aswell. I ask because I've found a complete 954 front here (Bunbury is a long way from me, if I can't have them, somebody here should) Basically after some info on what works and what doesnt and why it doesnt so I know how to eleminate some possibilities myself. I'm guessing some USD forks could contact the front guard, but there's probably more to it than that. Not interested in anything that requires unreversible modifications as I'm pretty sure it's ust a phase I'm going through

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    If you need someone to pick up / check out on your behalf just yell. My wife has relo's in Bunbury and quite often down there. Tom
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    Thanks Tom. I've contacted him to get some measurements, see if I can get an idea if they're suitable or not.


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