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    Dave, that is a real shame that you need to sell. But health and family first. I to am surprised it has not sold already. Best for the future mate. Regards tom
    Preservation before restoration - they are only original once

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    Sorry to see you have to sell, but be patient if you can, you are asking a very good price for an excellent bike - try bike sales as well - it costs but you will get a wide reach and a better type of purchaser than ebay and gumtree which are full of bottom feeders. Also bike sales will be cheaper when you sell - ebay fees are attrocious. Gumtree is full of obnoxious whingers (based on my personal experience). Good luck with the op and the exciting pending arrival hope you can come back to Kat land soon. But don't leave us just cause you sell the bike.
    Gone riding!

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    For Sale, swap, trade ( cash my way ). Very regrettable sale. Need cash for surgery to my hand and to cover family while I am not working. Would really love the option to buy back when all is good.
    7/83 GSX 1100 katana. I have owned this bike for 10 years. I rode her for 2 years as my daily ride then work dictated that I was travelling and working all over QLD for 6 years so she was parked in my shed under cover. Christmas 2006 I pulled her down to a frame and motor to start a rebuild. I sent all paintable parts, tank, plastics etc to a spray painter on the Sunshine Coast for painting. Work took me north again for 6 months so the kat sat idle. On return I went to the painters workshop only to be informed that he had sold the business and all my parts with it. Ouch. Nothing more happened until one day in 2012 I went to my property (west of bunny) where my kat was stored and my love for the old girl was rekindled. And so it began. The infection had set in and I was hooked, sickness had taken over. The hunt was on or the best parts available for what I wanted to build. She was never intended to be a show winner. She was to be built to ride and ride hard whilst still retaining her old world sex appeal that only a kat has. Parts were sourced from Australia, ( thanks Mick Hone), England, America, Canada, Germany ( tank ), Japan, Sweden and so on. All parts are NOS still in the original suzuki packaging. Cost?? Who cares, if you care about that then you would never do it. This was a keeper.
    Front End: spoke wheel, original rim and hub given to me by my father after he died. New in grease paper. Laced with stainless spokes by Ash (Ash Wheels). New tyres. New discs, original. New bearings. New axle, nuts and split pin.original fork legs, hydro blasted and painted. All new internals ( mick hone). Original fork tubes hard chromed by RAD. New progressive springs, anti dive removed and blanking plates installed. New calipers and braided lines. New master cylinder. Original clipons, new grips, new switches L & R ( MH). New levers and lever assemblies, nuts bolts etc. original gauges with new backing shroud and rubber. ( trip meter doesn't work). NOS front fairing, lower side fairings, shark fins, factory paint ( unmarked ). New screen, no rubber around screen as I don't like them. Original headlight. Nos indicators.
    Rear End: original rim and hub same as above grime my father and polished and laced by Ash. New axle, bearings nits washers spacers etc. new tyre, new disc, sprocket, chain (conversion done)swing arm hydro blasted and painted black. New caliper, pads, braided line, master cylinder and assembly, new brake pedal and brake light switch and spring. Original caliper stay chromed & polished. New hagon shocks. NOS rear duct tail ( shortened in length ) new seat covering, original base, all new nuts, bolts, washers etc.Side covers NOS ( MH ) factory paint including new choke assembly and decals, rubbers, screws etc. exhaust, jerker 4 into 1 headers with a new yoshi pipe. Sounds beautiful. Tank, sourced from Germany ( what a nightmare ) new paint and decals 2 weeks ago factory colour.
    Engine, gearbox, carburators: All brand new. Built by Joe Marshall's protege. I won't mention his name because he doesn't like these sort of forums. Great bloke and a fantastic mechanic. ( I hope it is ok to mention your name Joe,??) Motor is 1170 with 800 kms from new. The work put into this outfit is above and beyond. Motor was built to have enough power and torque without compromising reliability. Thank you FA.

    So to wrap it up. She is bullet proof, new, reliable, and sexy.
    12 months rego paid today. Nothing required for RWC, spare original wheels with new tyres and original air box included.
    $9000 today or I will part out.
    Dave, 0431676673

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    Mate if I didn't have a Kat already Id be all over this like a rash on a fat lady's inner thigh at the height of a Darwin wet season!!!!!

    Someone here must no someone keen for this beast - It cant be sacrificed into parts.....That's just not right???

    All the best with everything coming up for you Damkat - hope it all works out for you mate!
    From the Kat Haven She Came.....

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    Damkat ,tidy looking ride you have there ,can not say the same thing about ebay kat item no.121474264337 ,the tyres are shot the screen cracked what they fail to mention is damage to alternator cover,near 9 k ,red frame, black paint if this thing pulls 9k mines gotta go 10 plus ,this is B S GSX110X101830 advertized as date of manufacture 07/1987 else where it states just arrived from Japan 6/1987 ,dont believe anything you see I say.cheers

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    What location is that

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    Slacks creek. Fuck mines worth $20k plus. If he gets $9k I'll eat my own arse. Wankers

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    Just throwing it out there guys....

    To prevent Dave from parting out a lovely machine what would the pro's and cons be if a few members chipped in and bought this bike as a joint effort.

    Could be held onto and sold back at a later date, raffled at 35th anniversary....etc etc

    As already said - just a thought to possibly save Daves bike going to all corners of the country.

    Comments !!!

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