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    Pro - I would have a shiny Katana to ride.
    Con - Those that actually paid for it would feel ripped off as they would never see it or their money again.

    "But what would I know, I cant even diagnose a vacuum leak"

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    ..Patrick,.The bike is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Suzuki reintroduced the 1100 onto the Japanese market. It is a complex story. The bike we're discussing is a 1987 model "GSX1100SBE". One of a run of 500 special editions with red frame red seat and in SE colours. It obviously hasn't got the "full red seat" and is not in SE colours. The seat is obviously off a SE. I would guess the bike has been crashed and "repaired with what parts are available.
    ..The bike is/was for sale at Tony Spinelli classic bike sales @ 2/22-26 ALLGAS STREET SLACKS creek phone 07 38089014 or 0417 705 711
    ..I agree it seems expensive BUT all the importers are asking BIG money....AND they seem to be getting it! They are selling KATANA's long before they arrive down under!
    ..I own two JDM's, one being a 1988 GSX1100SAE very similar to the 1981SZ spec's...if you recall our huge gathering of KAT recently, the photo of the bikes lined up at the start , I had it there , it was the front bike in the lineup before we left. Blue bag occy strapped to the seat, brembo calipers fitted and a yoshimura titanium cyclone exhaust. You can see them in the photo.
    ..I hope this clarifies a couple of issues and is of some help, cheers Ian
    ..PS The frame number would also be correct. Mine is GS110X102505...You'll find the JDM numbers don't seem to follow any?
    ..Yes it does make Dave's bike one hell of a good buy.
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    Thanks for the write-up Ian, good info for anyone not aware of the J.D.M. series Kats.
    Badgezz, we don need nor stinkin' badgezz!

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