View Full Version : RIP Smudge (the Wonder Kitty)

06-05-15, 09:08 AM
At least that's what we call her...

I love Kats but I also love Cats in case you didn't know... and yesterday was a sad day as we had to have our oldest girl put to sleep.

My wife basically delivered her on the 20th August 1995 so this is pretty tough, 19 years and 9 months is a pretty good innings! She has had kidney failure for a while now which we've been managing by my wife injecting saline under her skin a few times a week, but she developed heart disease like her mother and it became critical yesterday. The vet drained 200 mL of fluid off her chest and her heart was still basically just circulating the blood within the heart and her extremities and brain weren't getting much in the way of fresh oxygenated blood.

She will be missed always, never a day went by when she didn't do something cute or stupid to make us laugh.


06-05-15, 09:19 AM
Sorry to hear about it, Pete

06-05-15, 10:23 AM

06-05-15, 12:04 PM
Sorry to hear of your loss Pete. I went through the same thing a few years ago with my big boy. I had him for 12 years and I still miss him today. R.I.P Smudge

06-05-15, 05:52 PM
We know what it's like Pete. Our Abyssinian cat lived for 19 years with us. It leaves a void in the house.

06-05-15, 07:58 PM
Know exactly how you're feeling mate :(

06-05-15, 08:11 PM
Hope your wife and you are doing Ok Pete,
always tough losing a member of the family.

06-05-15, 10:30 PM
Sorry for your loss Pete and Mrs Pete Im a cat & KAT lover had a feral cat that would trust me and come inside but hardly chased affection which is sad but hey he still had his nuts and didn't take shit from dogs & didn't piss inside and was huge for a cat I had him for 20 something years not bad for a feral. Cheers Murf

Nick Kakasiouris
06-05-15, 11:28 PM
Sorry for your loss Pete and Mrs Pete.

07-05-15, 06:33 AM
Thanks for your thoughts and comments guys, it's greatly appreciated.

Here's an old photo from before I tore the wee beastie down out in the back yard at our old house, she sat on the wee beastie for a while in the sun...


07-05-15, 11:44 AM
...Pete, How about calling your future KAT "..Smudge.."......Make it a tribute bike......'' SMUDGE the KATANA "......!!!!

08-05-15, 06:30 AM
That would be a fitting tribute Ian!

15-08-15, 04:18 PM
hey pete I am sorry to hear that you have lost one of the team you must be pretty special for her to lend you her bike as often as she has love the photos mate she will always be there mate

16-08-15, 08:05 AM
Cheers Dale, coming up to what would have been her 20th birthday this coming Thursday, we shall be raising a glass to her memory. And yep she was pretty generous!!!

16-08-15, 08:09 PM
nearly 20 years - my thoughts go with you. I am sure smudge will live in your hearts for another 20 years+. Always sad to lose a best friend.

17-08-15, 06:47 AM
Thanks Murray, she won't be forgotten any time soon...