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22-03-15, 11:25 PM
We got to Eastern Creek early for once and Laurie qualified up the pointy end on the XR69 now to qualify the old Honda 4 well it toasts the clutch on the line so we start from position 51. Next race on the XR 69 Laurie does a sighting lap and it is wet and with slicks on board decides to park it. Repair clutch on the old faithful Honda and start from position 51 Laurie gets a blinder of a start and makes good head way until turn 2 when he hits some bloke from behind and runs wide and gets into a spot of bother with a Moto Guzzi well 6 hours later and a trip to Westmead Hospital and only three stitches to his heal and a badly bruised foot our weekend was done3434 Well how do you get your foot in there. Old mate with the Jaws of Life wanted to cut the swinging arm off the Guzzi but Laurie said just pull the wheel out which they did with some serious drugs in his system after they got the wheel out they had to take the disc rotor off to separate him from the wheel So there you go game over Cheers Murf.

23-03-15, 12:28 AM
3435Said place where foot was caught. Cheers Murf.

23-03-15, 12:43 AM
Ouch. That looks like a pile of parts Murf. I'm glad to hear your friends injury was not more serious or fatal. I think most people would have chosen to be separated from the bike as quickly as possible.

23-03-15, 06:32 AM
Wow that sucks, glad Laurie's ok! I guess he was hoofin' it...

23-03-15, 08:14 AM
WOW....SHIT.....Any sane person would ask why do you do it?.....because they don't get it...it doesn't fit into their safe blinkeded outlook on "life"
...Hope man and machine are well/on the road to recovery!...cheers Ian.

23-03-15, 06:11 PM
Yeah all is good not to much damage to bikes or men its hard to see in the photo but you can see the toe of Lauries boot just to the left of the caliper. Cheers Murf.

23-03-15, 08:40 PM
Jeeezzzzzz, glad things were not more serious guys.

23-03-15, 08:53 PM
3447 heres ours

23-03-15, 08:54 PM
3448and 3 hrs later

Nick Kakasiouris
23-03-15, 09:41 PM
3448and 3 hrs later

Great work Probike and are you able to shed any info on Robbie Phillis as he had a big off on his Kat and i received a text he had broken his hand.

23-03-15, 10:27 PM
Robbie crashed his XR69 into above KAT 99 if im not mistaking I was at the Hospital so not sure don't think his hand is broken but gee it was badly swollen on Saturday night Spud was riding Robbies KAT. Great job Probike hope it didn't bend that beautiful frame.