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16-03-15, 06:31 PM
Hey guys back again, good to be a part of this great club! Friendly advice and a few laughs lol.
I have a popup 85 Katana that I plan to restore, I am trying to track down the generator and pickup coil covers? They are the alloy colour and not gold, the ones I have are cracked and previously rewelded. Also would it be possible to get an original clutch hydraulic line or one made up as close to original as possible or is aftermarket the only option?
Thanks again, Mike

16-03-15, 06:48 PM
Ouch!!! If mike hone had a clutch line it would cost you $280. Could try Old Gold in Sydney's west I think, or look at aftermarket. I got a full set of braided brake lines from UK for my 82' and all were well made.
CMS in Netherlands have covers, but I'm not sure what color for the listed GSX750 (SE) 1984.

16-03-15, 06:56 PM
Thanks Tomcat, yeah figured the clutch line was a long shot lol:)

16-03-15, 07:20 PM
The brake lines I got from http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/wezmoto-eu?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754.
Was $278 for full set front & rear.

Am sure there would be cheaper options out there, but I made rash decisions in the early days.

Shin-Ken 1074
16-03-15, 07:21 PM
If you still have the original hyd line, use it as the template for an aftermarket line so they can position the fittings the right way and not have twists in the line. It will be a much tidier job if they have the original line to copy.

16-03-15, 08:14 PM
Thanks Tomcat and shin-Ken good ideas.

16-03-15, 09:58 PM
The original has a steel section under the tank, Enzed can make new ends on it and new hoses.
But their quote was quite dear...

I got Hel performance to make a braided line for half that, their lines are thin and dont have any clearance issues under the tank.
He lists it on the website now

Generator cover
Try mick hone gsx750es parts will be silver ring first re colour 11351-31310 in stock $186
ignition 11381-31310 also instock $54.60

or wreckers or http://www.findapart.com.au

or reweld properly sand and paint...

Cheers John

16-03-15, 10:24 PM
I bought a brand new OEM Clutch line from Mick Hone about 19 months ago, they are still available. Jim

17-03-15, 01:16 AM
Thanks Darkside, may try cleaning them up and then if I'm not happy buy new ones. Thanks Jim, they weren't available a couple of days ago but will recheck.