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Shin-Ken 1074
11-03-15, 06:26 PM
Hi Folks, I need some help please. I have been trying to find out how to determine "highest individual wheel load" IAW QLD Transport Minor Modifications - Vehicle Standards Instruction G19.1 They don't explain how to arrive at that "wheel load" and I've looked and searched through Qld Transport files and the splinter-net and so far no joy. It couldn't be as easy as GVM divided by 4 tyres could it? I have a vehicle that is plated to run Load Index 104 (900kg) tyres and it will never carry the load it is rated for so I want to fit better tyres. There is provision in Minor Modifications to run a lower rated tyre.

Quote: When fitting passenger car tyres to light goods vehicles originally fitted with light truck tyres, the load rating of the replacement tyres must be based on the highest individual wheel load multiplied by a service factor of 1.10. Quote

Sounds simple enough.

Transport is closed for the day which is why I thought I'd ask here about the wheel loading. Working with the known figures of GVM and the number of wheels this is what I have. The GVM is 2810kg, divide by 4 = 702.5 kg. 702.5 x 1.10 = 772.75kg load for each wheel = load index 99. I would love it if this is correct because a tyre load index of 99 gives a better selection of tyres than an index of 104.

Could it be that simple? Please chime in if you have the correct way of finding the "highest individual wheel load" any help would be appreciated.


11-03-15, 06:34 PM
I believe it is. It works the same when you working out the load rating for trailers. (apart from braking requirements)

The bike trailer I am build is being built for 95H tyres with the 95 load rating at 690kg x 4 = 2760kg hence my bike trailer has a 2t rating (4 wheel trailer)

this link maybe useful:


Shin-Ken 1074
11-03-15, 06:40 PM
Thanks Tom, yes it seems to work out and I know it should be that way but wasn't sure.


11-03-15, 07:36 PM
My understanding is that you cannot fit anything lower rated than what the tyre placard dictates.

11-03-15, 07:39 PM
Now Now boogieman - thatd be too straight forward for our 'forward' thinking lawmakers (specially those Qlder's who have either seen to much sun or not enough Bundy)......How could they confuse us then in order to ping us for revenue....

Shin-Ken 1074
11-03-15, 09:46 PM
My understanding is that you cannot fit anything lower rated than what the tyre placard dictates.

Hi Ben, the Qld Transport Minor Modification page 11 and page 12 cover fitting Alternative Rim and Tyres to vehicles and allows larger and smaller tyres and wheels to be fitted to vehicles and states a lower Load Index tyre may be fitted to a light goods vehicle that was originally fitted with light truck tyres using the "highest Individual Wheel Load" to base the alternative replacement tyre with a lower Load Index. The only type of vehicle that is allowed to have tyres fitted that have a Load Index lower than specified on the vehicle tyre placard is a light goods vehicle, like mine. No doubt tomorrow someone at QLD Transport will set me straight and shoot holes all through my cunning plan.

12-03-15, 09:11 AM
If it's the back of a ute, put it on a set of corner weighting scales, loaded, and that will tell you what the load for that corner will be - in the case of most utes with an empty tray the actual load on the rears will be less than 1/4 of the GVM because they're nose heavy.

Shin-Ken 1074
12-03-15, 09:45 AM
Rang Qld T'port this morning and after being transferred to four different departments I have been advised to ring Vehicle Modifications and Standards. Have to wait awhile as their office hours are 10am to 12am and 1pm to 4pm. Watch this space.

Shin-Ken 1074
12-03-15, 11:49 AM
Spoke with Qld Vehicle Modifications and Standards, no joy. They don't have any data to use that would provide the Highest Individual Wheel Load for a ute. Heavies good to go, light goods vehicles nothing on file so it's time for some more digging.