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08-02-15, 11:26 AM
Noticed a bubble on the side of a tank which had been "restored" by a previous owner. Closer examination shows complete liner peel and fail - most of it has dropped into the tank. My question is oh learned brethren is whether there is anything that will dissolve this crap so I can get it out of the tank?
Thanks in advance for the advice

08-02-15, 11:46 AM
Your in luck. Was just reading this mi morning about other products from Permanent Paint Coatings, as am doing the fuel tank repair kit to my 82' blue seat and wanted to be prepared in case I stuff it up.

They show a Motorcycle Fuel Tank Strip and Repair kit. This is stated as being to able to remove the "inferior coating" before redoing the lining again. Whilst the stripper is part of a kit, the actual product is POR-15 Strip.

If that's all you want you may be able to order separately.

Let me know how it goes. Currently doing the Metal Ready rust stripping now. Long day ahead!!!


08-02-15, 11:54 AM
Doing the Cholostomy Bag approach for the acid striping in the tank.3125

08-02-15, 01:22 PM
Be interesting to see how this goes, have one to do soon :)

08-02-15, 02:27 PM
Have dicided not to install the sealer. Only did steps 1 & 2.
There is still a lot of rust in the tank and did not come out anything like the one the Motor Traders Restoration mag.

Might need a second go with the clearer and acid prep.

Besides, having double whammy of rebuilding carbs and now trying to get the engine running enough to ride to mechanic in a week for proper tuning.

08-02-15, 08:51 PM
The POR15 kit is great, did the job nicely in the wee beasty's tank.

First thing I did was shake some small sharp edged rocks around in there to dislodge and chunky rusty bits. Then once I was happy that all the chunky rust bits were gone I proceeded with the instructions.

Do yourself a favour... if you think it's dry inside, keep drying it some more... give the liner the best chance to adhere to the surface. I gaffa taped my wife's old hair dryer in the filler neck for the job.

08-02-15, 11:25 PM
.....or you could speak with Ronnie - he already has a hairdryer attached to his Kat!:)

09-02-15, 12:01 AM
Have learnt not to question another man's use of Gaffa Tap :eek:

09-02-15, 06:32 AM
Hahahah careful saying that around Glen you'll give him nightmares!

09-02-15, 09:57 AM
Glens into the Gaffa tape bit just not the man boobs


09-02-15, 09:58 AM
Oh sorry Glen did I mention man boobs again.


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09-02-15, 10:01 AM
Yes you did Nige. Are you and Pete sharing "those" files again? Lucky for me I am looking at something to ease the pain of that thought............hhmmmmmmmmmmm cheeky minx!


09-02-15, 06:04 PM
Hi okay

Just checked with the supplier and he said the POR-Strip is now hard for them to get, but he still has a little stock. It's $27 a bottle. I bought a dented one for $15 as am going to strip out the Yellow "cream" as he calls it and go through the whole process again, this time using nuts & bolts to break the rust up.

He said it's typically Paint Striper, but much better.
He also said to use a little at a time, hitting it with a high pressure hose in between.

Hope that is of some help

10-02-15, 04:48 PM
Stuff it bought a second hand tank......

At least it keeps the bike on the road until I get it painted properly