View Full Version : Ride Days at the Sydney Motorsport Park 8th and 9th October 2016

Nick Kakasiouris
12-10-16, 01:56 PM
Hi Everyone, As most of you know i am an avid ride day punter and enjoy riding my Gixer 2011 1000. Well what a weekend for the crash repair guys and not to mention the Total write offs.
It went like this on Saturday 8th with 25 Get offs with 3 taken to hospital and the medical team was called onto the track 18 times.
Sunday 9th they hit double figures again with 1 needing to go to hospital in a bad way and medical call onto the track. We lost so much time that on occasion your session only had time for 4 laps.
I have done my last ride day for this year due to my work roster but at the riders brief they just do not listen and i am afraid this will lead to a death soon if they ride day punters do not get there heads in the correct place.
The damage to bikes was across the board with bikes in road trim full on race bikes and ride day bikes.
Something needs to be done.

12-10-16, 07:20 PM
Maybe they should start with "bucket racing"....it always looked like cheap fun to me....and surely you couldn't get to hurt/or learn how to fall off.